February 5, 2011

From Sea to Shining......Rain Crust !

Oddly enough this past Saturday was our first time skiing in the state of Washington other than a few November laps up at Mt. Spokane.  Friday night we drove through a warm and soggy Snoqualmie Pass, on our way to visit a friend in Blaine, WA or is it Blaine, Canada...?  Our visit rocked...it literally rocked as we spent the night on a sailboat (MARARA) in Dayton harbor about a rocks throw away from the US/Canadian border.  

Water Skies or Snow Skies?
The next morning we drove east on HW 542 to its dead-end point beneath the massive glaciated Mt. Shuksan. This was our first time in the area, and knowing that the conditions were going to be less then awesome... thanks to the January thaw!  Thus we planned on climbing to the saddle between Mazama Dome and  Table Top Mtn, which can (the key word as it was lightly snowing) provide a view of two north cascade "icons" Mt Baker and Mt. Shuksan.  

Our skin track in yellow.  After a brief but timely revealing of the "icons" we rode a similar line back down to the car through a nasty breakable crust :( 

Mt. Shuksan

Mt Baker
Enjoying Seattle after the less then awesome conditions on Saturdays tour