December 29, 2012

The Avalache Heard Around the World - Tunnel Creek, WA Feb 19,2012

Last February three people were killed in an avalanche near Stevens Pass ski area.  The three were skiing with a group of 16 friends some meeting for the first time.  The group descended a popular route just outside the resort boundary.   Twenty-six inches of snow had fallen in the previous 48 hours. According to the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center’s subsequent incident report, the avalanche was a 32-inch-deep-by-200-foot-wide slab that traveled 2,650 vertical feet down a twisting, tree-ringed chute. 
  • I suggest a read of the NWAC's incident report they did an outstanding job with the report, there is always much to be learned from these reports. (see link above or below)

The New York Times recently rolled out an absolutely stunning multimedia story package: six parts including  interactive graphics and videos. I loved the moving piece by John Branch, and again highly recommend the read.  A great learning opportunity exists within these two reports/stories.

 Accident Location imagery from the NWAC's incident report

December 8, 2012

Dunton - The best wedding ever (according to most) 12/8/12

Nestled deep in the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado is a dreamy little place, Dunton Hot Springs.  A little mining community that was established in 1885. It sat as an abandoned ghost town for quite some time before the current owners took seven years creatively restoring the ghost town, with beautiful interior renovations, while keeping the exteriors rustic.  There is the old dance hall, saloon and library. The original bath house with indoor and outdoor hot springs, not to mention four more natural hot springs spread throughout the town.  We rented out the whole town for a few days and had.... well... as said by many "The Best Wedding Ever!"  

I probably would have needed help anyway but broken hand didn't help - WAG Photos

Chuck went for one of his normal pre work mountain bike rides behind our house and ended up taking a spill 1 week before our wedding and breaking his hand. He was thoughtful enough to have his cast match his tie :)

Crafty family - homemade wedding dress and stump - WAG Photos

The stump creatively made by both Morgan and Ryan Casey.  If anyone ever runs through Dunton, CO could these please pick up the stump for us.  Somehow we managed to leave the stump behind :(  The wedding dress was amazingly made by my "crafty and clever" mother Debbie Casey. It took her all of 1-2 days to finish!

The Walk - Father n Daughter - WAG Photos

Gangsta Ring Bearers WAG Photos
Our handsome nephews Brodie Stach and Riley Casey

We had the privilege of having the Reverend JP Casey marry us :)- WAG Photos

Boys and Their Toys - WAG Photos

Some Slick FellasWag Photos

The Gang - WAG Photos

The AK Fab Four (partners in crime for best pre-wedding fun ever :)) - WAG Photos

My brother Shane flew in from Portland, besties Noelle and Shanna from AK we convened in Denver 5 days before the wedding and had a blast making our way down to Dunton. My stomach was so sore just from laughing. Spent a great night in Ouray dabbling in brewery and hot springs fun.

Me Moms - WAG Photos

The Peak in the background is a part of the Mt Wilson and El Diente Peak massive.  Well me moms she climbed that with me several years prior....oh ya those are 14,000 foot peaks.  To this day me moms is still one of my favorite 14er hiking partners:)   

Father and Daughter - WAG Photos

The McQuade's - WAG Photos

The Casey's - WAG Photos

Fires, Sunsets and New Brother-In-laws - WAG Photos

The Dunton 42 - WAG Photos

 Cheers - Mr and Mrs. McQuade - WAG Photos

Most amazing wedding due to beautiful location, quaint unique town, amazing/attentive staff. Great gourmet food. And of course amazing friends and family that we are so lucky to have!!

October 29, 2012

The Return of the Kalymnian Wall Wrastlers

Meet the Kalymnian Wall Wrastling Heroes

(Di, K-love, Wonder Womb'n, Eric the Great, Me, WAG)

Our mission, to successfully conquer sector after sector of endless tufa laden walls, to recklessly scooter rally around the island with frequent stops at mythos watering holes, to bravely sight-see in Turkey and consume fried cheese in between the consumption of countless Gyro's.

During our 3-week stay on the Greek island of Kalymnos we choose to fuel our super hero rock wrastling skills by local Kalymnian favorites such as:

Kaly Thyme Honey

Staples - Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner
He (WAG) could of ate them every day
The Feta Stuffed Squid

Shoe Tree
A Fatolitis memorial to those attempting to conquer the TUFA

Over-head X-ray Vision
a superpower we first discovered in 2010 - A belayer's dream come true

WAG discovers his Kryptonite
falling tufa at the Secret Garden

Di's Secret Weapon
The Celebratory Kung Fu Kick after Crushing Lucky Strike 5.12b

K-Love Conquers the TUFA Pipes of
Carpe Diem 5.10c

Me Barely Smiling on the Popular Polished Pockets of
Atena 5.10d

Di Defying Gravity on
Dirlanda 5.12c

WAG Methodically Battles through the TUFA Forest of Priapos for 45 Minutes
Priapos 5.12d

Me Planning the Asault on the TUFA Curtains of
Steps Ahead 5.12a

After the departure of Wonder Womb'n and Eric the Great the rest of us were left with an secondary yet very important mission...The recovery of Wonder Womb n's hat.  It was believed that some of the locals had taken the hat and were seen around town posing for pictures with the infamous hat.

The Longtime Protector of the Afternoon Sector: Billy Goat Gruff
Pulled the WW hat from a climbing pack

A local Sponge Exporter:  Sponge Bob Grey Pants
offered facial sponges to the ladies in an attempt to keep the WW hat

The Talkative Corner Shop Dude
K-love exchanges a hug and her ear for the return of the WW hat 

K-Love recovers Wonder Womb'ns Prized Position

Me on a Victory Lap After our Recovery of WW's hat

WAG's best Impression of the Kalymnian Crime Thugs who tried to take WW's hat

Till Next Time Kaly

Telendos Island from Poets Wall

Me Storming the Kastelli Castle

K-Love Peacefully Posing on Kastelli Castle

September 30, 2012

Tour de Colorado - Part of Segment #13

Part 1 of Segment #13 — Cottonwood Pass Rd. (from Avalanche Gulch TH) to Chalk Creek
Riders: Chuck, Kristin 

Date: September 30th, 2012
Ride Type: out and back
Chosen Direction / Route: From Avalanche Gulch Th to Mt. Princeton Rd. CR 322 (Denver to Durango Direction)
Mileage: 20 miles (10 to Mt. Princeton Rd.)
Elevation Gain: 3430' (one way)
Average Pace: 15 min/mile
Total time includes breaks: 6 hours
Trail description: A rather difficult section of the COT.  The first 3 miles is highly enjoyable singletrack along Rainbow lake.  Then the climb begins leaving S. Cottonwood Creek.  3 miles of torture and a lot of hike a bike due to steep / rocky / loose trail conditions.  However you will be rewarded with 4 more miles of glorious fast adventurous sinlgetrack until meeting up withe CR 322 (Mt. Princeton Rd.)  We choose to turn around at this who wants to ride a jeep road after that.  The Segment continues a short distance down to Chalk Creek.  The approximate starting point for the entire Segment 13 can be seen below on the interactive Google map. We are planning on doing this section separate, likely as a one way with a dip in Cottonwood Hot-springs afterwards:) 

 Interactive GPS track recording for COT Part 1 of segment #13:

View Part 1 of Segment #13 — Cottonwood Pass Rd. (from Avalanche Gulch TH) to Chalk CreekUntitled in a larger map

Among the Sawatch Beasts - From Mt. Yale to Mt. Princeton

Note the 3 Miles of Torture :) - This profile is only for one way

Like always click on pics to see better resolution

Photo caption ContributionsIf your feeling clever therefore would like to re-caption any of the photos,  leave a comment on the post.  I will then re-caption the photo followed by your name.

Pleasant Wakeup Call

Needed Blinders through the Blinding Aspens

Bart S.

One Smart 14er - Mt. Yale of the Collegiate Group

The Original Big Wheels

Til Next Fall - Bring the White Stuff CO