January 22, 2012

Costa Rica - Todd and Zette get Hitched!

Last week we could of been stuck in CO, in the cold, without any snow to play in....nope not true instead we were in Costa Rica exposing our winter white skin to 94 degree UV rays.  Oh ya and by the way we also got to be a part of Todd and Suzzette's amazing wedding at the all-inclusive Hilton Papagayo Resort in Playa Panama....Ill save all the details, emotional reflections, total count of Guapirinha's and ceviche plates consumed.  Let's just say it was a RAD wedding.

My two favorite things about CR:
  1. Guapirinha: Costa Rica's version of the well known Brazilian caipirinha.  Go to any CR bar and hold up four fingers to the bartender and before you know it you'll be presented with the Guapirinha a sugar cane based rum (Cacique Guaro) drink with about a pound of muddled limes.  
  2. Ceviche: a central american traditional dish usually made from raw fish or mollusks marinated in citrus juices for around 24 hours prior to serving.  Pretty sure we averaged 2-4 ceviche plates a day while in CR; seabass, marlin, swordfish, shrimp...
Kristin and I did a bit of exploring for the few days we had after the wedding.  We hitched a ride with Rob and Leah into Liberia (the largest town of Guanacaste province of Costa Rica).  From Liberia we planned on catching some transportation to Rincon de la Vieja. We later found out from the hostel host that the national park is closed on Monday's. Plan B was to make our way to the local bus station and explore our options.  Liberia not being much of a tourist destination, tends to lack English speaking Costa Rican's... Thank goodness I had my personal translator with me.  I cant tell you how many times K saved the day.  I'm pretty sure I would of either paid 200 dollars for a 2 dollar bus fair or ended up on a bus to Panama.  So we ended up on a two hour bus ride with the locals down to Tamarindo to spend a day and a half playing on the beach, searching for nesting leatherback sea turtles by headlamp and eating grilled lobster with our feet in the sand.

Sorry for the lack of pics, camera battery died shortly after all the wedding pics :(

I present to you:    Todd and Suzzette Conner

Doesn't need a Caption - oops just got one :)

Da Boys

Me lovely lady - isn't she just gorgeous

If only you could see what she is blocking :)

Taken while sipping a Guapirinha on the beach in Tamarindo

Black Spiny-tailed Iguana of Costa Rica - costa rica's version of a stray dog

January 10, 2012

2 in the Snow, 2 on the Rock - RMNP, Cameron Pass & Shelf Road

As most of you snow snobs probably know all to well by now, our winter playground has stunk this season! Kristin and I have only been out two times:(  At this point last year, we had countless tours under our boards.  Its been kinda of rough... well except one bright side to the warmer temps has been the continuation of climbing.

The two tours this season have been:
  1. "Terrain Park Area" near Hallett Peak, RMNP
    • Cant wait to go back to RMNP, there are some awesome terrain opps: a favorite being Little AK near Knobtop peak.  
    • GPS Tracks (google maps)
Dragon Tail Couloir w tracks
click to enlarge

    1. Montgomery Bowl, Cameron Pass
      • This past Sunday Kristin, Drew and I cruised up to Cameron Pass after a much needed storm, for what we where hoping would be some good turns.  Not bad at all!  Finally 
      • GPS Tracks (google maps)
    Montgomery Bowls highlighted w tracks
    click to enlarge

        Hallett Peak on left and Dragontail couloir on right: RMNP
        a line for the early spring if  we ever get snow

        1 of 4 huge bucs seen in Estes Park after our tour in RMNP

        Cameron Pass Sector: from top of Montgomery Bowl near Diamond Peak

        After getting some much needed turns in on Sunday we returned to Golden to switch out splitty's for climbing gear.  We then spent Monday and Tuesday climbing Shelf in 60 degree weather.  Ha I even returned with a farmers tan!

        Kristin on Once Upon A Time 5.11a

        K on Gen X ation 5.11a

        Pre rock wrestling concentration

        Noteworthy Sends:

        Gen X ation 5.11a
        • OS

        Next posts will include the following adventures: Costa Rica, followed by AK, then climbing somewhere, then a yurt trip in the San Juans of CO, then AK again:)