March 30, 2010

DAY 12: Tincan Mtn -Todd's Run

This was one of trips highlights.  The Tincan formation is very long ridge system ending at its summit.  The ridge system offers countless skiing opportunities, one could spend a full season touring on Tincan itself.  Todd's Run as called by the locals was named after Todd who was killed on the line as the entire bowl ripped out.  When conditions are right this is many's favorite line on Tincan.  I can see why, after 2500 vertical feet and 1 mile of perfect turns I was calling it the best run of my life.  Hmmm thinking back...there is a pattern in AK...every run seems to get the "now that was the best run of my life"  designation.  
9 hours, 8.5 miles and 3 amazing lines later
Looking back towards the Turnagain arm and the Breathtaking Chugach Mtns

March 25, 2010

Day 5: Girls Mtn

8.5 miles 8 hours:  Sick tour to Girls Mtn, rode 3000' down its north face to Worthington Glacier!  Climbed back up the glacier avoiding crevasses, spooky at times, then rode 3000' back down to the car! This one was one for the books:)

Climbed the blue line to the summit of Girls Mtn (@1) rode 3000' down to Worthington Glacier , Climbed back up the glacier to (2), then rode the yellow line 2500' back down to the car

Leaving the clouded valley floor behind

March 22, 2010

Day 1: Pastoral Pk to Sunburst Pk

"The perfect figure 8 tour" Is how I like to think of my first experience touring in the AK.  Defiantly didn't break into it slowly.  As this tour consumed 9 hours over 10 miles and included two peaks.  Well almost, we decided against a summit push to Pastoral Pk due to the previous nights high winds.  Thus we skied off a subpeak to the north.  Then climbed back to Taylor Pass and over to Sunburst Pk.

The figure 8

Kristin and Darcie on the approach up Taylor Creek

If only that Cornice didn't loom over those spines

One of my Fav's:  Kickstep and Tincan Peaks

Kristin adding to the canvas

The Line we wanted to ski off Pastoral's summit

The line we ended up skiing


Kickstep, oh ya and the ladies