August 20, 2012

A Little Rumney Climbing & a Stach Stopover

K and I took advantage of one of our cyclical off weeks and pulled together a trip back east to see my sister (aka Sissy) and her fabulous Connecticut residing familia.  We also threw in a few days at what most consider the east coasts premiere sport climbing destination.  You may not guess it since few of us west-siders leave our abundance of flawless stone to climb the moss covered, canuck crawling crags of the east coast.  Kidding…Rumney, New Hampshire is actually home to some amazing stone and very unique climbing.  We had a blast, I wish we had more time to spend in the area.  Beautiful place for sure, my sis may be visited more frequently so we have an excuse to go back to Rumney.

So after a few days climbing in NH we made our way down to CT.  First thing first, I needed the Stach’s (sis and Matt) approval of K, my future wife to be.  They approved!  Jaide and Brodie, my adorable niece and nephew also seemed to be huge fans of miss K.  Chalk up the approvals, the wedding looks like a go!

The visit consisted of countless steamers, the kiddos pebble wrestling (rock climbing) for their first time at Chatfield Hollow, crab catching beach fun at Hammonasset beach, adult only story telling sessions around the fire pit and…..enough said check the pics.  If your wondering were the pics of sissy and Matt are…..well I’m wondering the same, they were camera shyJ  Just wait there will be plenty of black mail-ish pics from the wedding, I’m sure! 

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Self Inflicted Bunny Ears - meet Jaide and Brodie

Boy of Many a Funny Face

Styling in the Forest
Looking for the Buried Engagement Ring!

We Forgot..... the Beer Face

Tides a Coming In


Who wants Crabs?

Pebble Wrestling - Brodie and Jaide

Asking for round two before back on the ground

Must of Found the Beer Face

August 4, 2012

Tour de Colorado - Segment #3

Segment #3Little Scraggy Trail-head to Wellington Lake Road
Additional Bonus Riding —Segment #4 to Lost Creek Wilderness Boundary, Redskin Creek, Gashouse (726), Homestead (728), Sandy Wash (730)
Riders: Chuck, Kristin, Drew

The CoT
Date: August 4, 2012
Ride Type: Shuttle - 1)Little Scraggy 2) US Forest Service Workstation, Buffalo Creek Town
Chosen Direction / Route: Little Scraggy trail-head to Wellington Lake trail-head, 1.9 miles of segment #4 to Lost Creek Wilderness boundary, return on COT segment #3 to Redskin creek junction to Gashouse, climb to Homestead, ending with excellent descent of Sandy Wash to the town of Buffalo Creek 
Mileage: 31.4 miles (13.4 COT section #3 one way)
Elevation Gain: 4215' with 5211' of downhill radness
Average Pace: 11 min/mile
Total time includes breaks: 6 hours
Trail description: A glorious segment of the COT!  First 9 miles or so are for the most part downhill.  Followed by a short climb to the segments high point, and segment #3's end (Wellington Lake Road).  For a bonus ride segment #4 its an additional 1.9 miles will get you to the Lost Creek Wilderness Boundary.  Once you decide to return, its all downhill to the connection with Redskin Creek Trail.  Here you have two options either retrace your ride back to Little Scraggy Trail-head or enjoy some of Buffalo Creeks best singletrack.

Interactive GPS track recording for COT segment #3:

View Segment #3 — Little Scraggy Trail-head to Wellington Lake RoadUntitled in a larger map

Our GPS tracks overlaid onto Google Earth 

Elevation with corresponding speed profile

Homestead's Granite Slab Riding

Heart Rock Corner

The fastest portion of the COT - ride for your life

Don't Brake - Granite shreds tires

Drew rollin on his new "Clown Wheels"

Muffins of the Granite Variety