September 30, 2012

Tour de Colorado - Part of Segment #13

Part 1 of Segment #13 — Cottonwood Pass Rd. (from Avalanche Gulch TH) to Chalk Creek
Riders: Chuck, Kristin 

Date: September 30th, 2012
Ride Type: out and back
Chosen Direction / Route: From Avalanche Gulch Th to Mt. Princeton Rd. CR 322 (Denver to Durango Direction)
Mileage: 20 miles (10 to Mt. Princeton Rd.)
Elevation Gain: 3430' (one way)
Average Pace: 15 min/mile
Total time includes breaks: 6 hours
Trail description: A rather difficult section of the COT.  The first 3 miles is highly enjoyable singletrack along Rainbow lake.  Then the climb begins leaving S. Cottonwood Creek.  3 miles of torture and a lot of hike a bike due to steep / rocky / loose trail conditions.  However you will be rewarded with 4 more miles of glorious fast adventurous sinlgetrack until meeting up withe CR 322 (Mt. Princeton Rd.)  We choose to turn around at this who wants to ride a jeep road after that.  The Segment continues a short distance down to Chalk Creek.  The approximate starting point for the entire Segment 13 can be seen below on the interactive Google map. We are planning on doing this section separate, likely as a one way with a dip in Cottonwood Hot-springs afterwards:) 

 Interactive GPS track recording for COT Part 1 of segment #13:

View Part 1 of Segment #13 — Cottonwood Pass Rd. (from Avalanche Gulch TH) to Chalk CreekUntitled in a larger map

Among the Sawatch Beasts - From Mt. Yale to Mt. Princeton

Note the 3 Miles of Torture :) - This profile is only for one way

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Pleasant Wakeup Call

Needed Blinders through the Blinding Aspens

Bart S.

One Smart 14er - Mt. Yale of the Collegiate Group

The Original Big Wheels

Til Next Fall - Bring the White Stuff CO